Colorguard Flags, Props, And Uniforms For Sale

The Providence HS Bands is pleased to make available many of our gently used Color Guard and Winter Guard costumes, props, and flags for sale to other organizations.  All items have been cleaned before placing into storage and are in excellent condition.


Please contact Joshua K Potter for more information or to purchase any of the items below. 


Click on any of the pictures for a larger view



Flags for Sale

(8) Illuminate Yellow and White Flag
(9) Solid Purple - Swing
(16) Rabbit Flag
(15) Burgundy Swing
(7) White Sidewalk Flag
(6) Aqua Flag-Guppy
(17) Cresent Sunrise-Swing
(23) Rose Swing
(2) Gold Burst Swing
(8) Teal Eye Swing
(14) Scissors Flag
(18) Shadow 1
(30) Multi Orange/Blue flag
10) Banishment Flag
(10) Multicolor with Square
(12) Red and Orange Ombre
(23) Shadow 2
(4) Teal Lining
(11) Garden Flag
(9) Blue Ribbon/Key/Orange
(5) Gold Lame (brand new)
(20) Magic Hat
(14) Snow Flag
(13) Green Sidewalk Flag

Props for Sale

(16) Shadow Dancing Prop
(15) Clouds Open/Close to Change Color Scheme

Uniforms for Sale

(17) Angel Costumes-Female
2) Angel Costumes-Male
(19) Shadow Dancing
(16) Fireflies-Green Costume
(23) Paradise Lost Green Uniforms
(8) Navy and orange
(14) Witch uniform with removeable skirt
(6) Gray and orange
(11) Silver Lining - comes w/ armbands for 8 costumes
(6) Light blue and white
(12) Illuminate