Student Leadership

 The Providence HS Band Student Leadership Board is a student-elected body, comprised of two branches, and is the student representation to the Director of Bands and Band Boosters. The main branch consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Librarian, and Historian, and serves all aspects of the band program. The second branch consists of Drum Majors, Captains and Section Leaders, and serves Marching Band primarily. The Drum Major is the only position not chosen via student vote. This position is chosen after a thorough audition process of interested candidates.  The Band Leadership Board meets regularly throughout the year to discuss the direction of the Providence Bands.  In addition to its primary responsibilities, the board also plans and oversees Band Socials throughout the school year. 


 Full list of Leadership responsibilities





2023 - 2024 PHS Bands Student Leadership Team


Michael Knox


Jacob Todd

VP - Student Coordination

Lili Grajales


Sabrina Davis-Slade
Jackson Powell

Communications Coordinator

Mihika Prayagkar

Drum Majors

Amelia McCarty
Maddie Stevenson

Woodwind Captain

Jackson Fox

Brass Captain

Fana Vanderwel

Percussion Captain

Jacob Young

Color Guard Captains

Allie Reed
Isabel Kaeppler